Reconnecting Siblings

For many children living with one parent, or in foster care, their brother or sister has been the only constant presence in their lives. A brother or sister may be the only person who understands and shares their experiences and can help them make sense of their new lives.
Parents as Partners (PAP) understands the importance of a child’s relationship with his or her brothers and sisters. Consequently, PAP makes it a priority to help support relationships between siblings for children who are in or have left its care, whenever possible and in the child’s and siblings’ best interests. Often siblings are placed together; however, that isn’t always possible – or one brother or sister may have to be moved into a new home after a family breakdown.
The primary goal of Parents as Partners is to support the creation of enduring family relationships and community connections for sisters and brothers who experience a family breakdown. Our work is accomplished through innovative programs and practices.


Parents As Partners Inc. is committed to creating a culture that encourages parents to work together to solve problems within themselves with the hope to improve their children’s wellbeing and success.

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We are devoted to helping children and families help themselves to live a better life and build a stronger community.

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Parents as Partners welcome volunteers 12 years old and older for the following opportunities: Tasks include reaching out, and general office duties as needed.

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Want to become a sponsor of want of our event? Contact the organization’s Event Manager to learn about all our partnership opportunities and goals!

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Mentoring a child

We all remember the adults that helped shape us into who we’ve become. Parents As Partners Inc.… encourages everyday community members to do the extraordinary by becoming a mentor! Welcome a young person into your routine- play cards, ride a bike, go to the movies, and try community activities- together! Consistency is the key to a successful relationship

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